IGEM's Tropical Cyclone Debbie Review

4th November 2017

The Queensland Inspector-General Emergency Management (IGEM), Iain MacKenzie AFSM, has presented his Office’s report into the effectiveness of the disaster management system in response to Tropical Cyclone Debbie to the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services.
The 135 page report The Cyclone Debbie Review - Lessons for delivering value and confidence through trust and empowerment covers the preparedness for and responses to the North Queensland cyclone and flooding, the South East Queensland rapid-onset flooding and the Rockhampton slow-onset flooding.
The report states “What we found was a disaster management system that generally performed well in preparing for and responding to the Debbie event, and one which adopted a positive transition to recovery."
"What we uncovered was a series of lessons for the disaster management sector, which, if acted on, will deliver greater public value and confidence.”
To read the full report, visit  the Inspector General Emergency Management website here.

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