FMA-Allan Ezzy Flood Risk Manager of the Year Award

Floodplain Management Australia’s nation-wide Excellence Awards will publicly recognise the outstanding contribution of FMA organisations and individuals towards promoting wise land use planning, reducing flood impacts, managing flood incidents or restoring communities after a flood event.


At the 2018 National Conference at Gold Coast, Floodplain Management Australia (FMA) will announce the winner of the Annual Floodplain Management Australia Allan Ezzy Excellence Award for the Flood Risk Manager of the Year.


This Award will be given to an individual who demonstrates the highest level of achievement in areas of flood risk management.



A Full Three Day Registration to the 2019 FMA Conference and Pre-Conference Workshops to be held at Canberra, ACT. The prize is valued at up to $1250 (based on Full Member pricing).



Nominations are open to any current FMA Member, or individual who is an employee or representative of an FMA Member. The nominated individual must have participated in projects that directly relate to the management of flood risks within Australia. The nominated individual must attend the Awards Ceremony.



Nominations have now closed.

If you have any queries about the Excellence Awards, Contact Us.