TUFLOW Training 20% Off for FMA Members

11th May 2018

TUFLOW is a world-leading, powerful 1D and 2D computational engine for simulating floods, tides and pipe network hydraulics. It has been successfully applied world-wide to a diverse range of applications, scaling from coastal storm tide inundation to regional whole-of-catchment flooding, right down to fine-scale urban flooding with complex pipe networks.


This year the TUFLOW team are visiting major centres conducting both an intensive two-day Introductory and a one-day Advanced computer-based training course. The training days will be held from June to July, 2018 and are focused on our grid modelling platforms, which includes the TUFLOW “Classic” and heavily parallelised (HPC enabled) solvers.


The training courses offer something for all user levels; from core 2D modelling theory, model setup and review skills for beginners, through to ‘inside the black box’ and the latest Australian Rainfall & Runoff 2016 integration tools for existing users. 


FMA Members are eligible for a 20% off the cost of the training.


For full details visit https://www.tuflow.com/training.aspx?ws


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