ANAO Audit of the Bureau of Meteorology

1st September 2018

The Australian National Audit Office is undertaking a performance audit of the Bureau of Meteorology's delivery of extreme weather services.
???????The audit will examine whether:
  1. The Bureau's planning appropriately supports its ability to respond to extreme weather events
  2. The  Bureau manages it operational resources effectively in responding to extreme weather events
  3. ???????The Bureau's assessment and reporting on the performance of its extreme weather services is fit for purpose.
???????The audit scope includes:
  • bushfires, heatwaves;
  • cyclones, damaging/destructive winds, blizzards;
  • thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, flooding, flash floods, tsunamis, surf and storm tides;
  • space weather (e.g. solar flares affecting GPS); and
  • weather related aspects of bio-security incidents and pandemics.
Services delivered by the Bureau to be examined include:
  • monitoring and prediction
  • interpretation
  • products
  • communications; and
  • capability development.
For more on the Performance Audit and how to contribute, visit the ANAO website

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