FMA Member Project Spotlight - Casino Urban Drainage Study

1st February 2019


FMA Corporate Member, Flume Engineering has provided the following article which outlines work undertaken in the Casino Urban Drainage Study for Richmond Valley Council in northern NSW.


 “We are on the front foot of available technology and have utilised the InfoWorks ICM software for the Quality Assurance stage of this project. With this software we have been able to rapidly assess, inspect and quality assure Council’s asset data, and convert all relevant and required information to a suitable standard for importation to the hydrodynamic TUFLOW model.



With the 3D capabilities, ICM created an easy to see process of the exact issues in Council’s data and was able to be actioned on the spot. Flag systems within the software also made the QA process trackable via colour coding for data that needed to be action, data that was modified/assumed, and data that did not need alterations.


To adapt the new Australian Rainfall and Runoff 2016, Flume Engineering developed state of the art methodologies to ensure best management practices and the most recent available data was implemented into the project.”



For more on the methodologies used, read the full article by downloading it here.


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